The Friends of FESCO is a steering committee made up of local community members, just like you, who pledge to give 2-6 hours each month to help homeless children and their parents find warm, loving homes. 

Friends of FESCO Members include: 

  Member and City     Representative     (Committee Role)          Representative Contact Information


All Saints Church - Hayward                         



Gloria Santiago


Faith Lutheran Church - Castro Valley

  Robyn Woidtke  

First Presbyterian Church of Hayward - Castro Valley        


Aaron Dahlstedt

Beverly Dahlstedt


Formosan United Methodist Church - San Leandro

  Pastor William Chou [email protected]

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - Hayward

  Darla Fisher  


Holy Cross Episcopal Church - Castro Valley


  Pamela Lowe (Vice Chair)  [email protected]


Individual – Rev. Sharon Luther - Hayward


  Rev. Sharon Luther   [email protected]


Messiah Lutheran Church - Hayward


  Sherry Mattson   [email protected]


Our Lady of Grace Church - Castro Valley


  Christine Ippolito (Community Support Chair)   [email protected]

South Hayward United Methodist - Hayward



Bob Peppler (President)

Gail Stringer (Secretary)

Rev. Rochelle Frazier

  Church Office: 510-780-9599


Starr King United Unitarian Church - Hayward


  Kathryn LaMar [email protected]
United Methodist Church of Castro Valley - Castro Valley  

Janet Alfaro 

Nancy Robles

Rev. Dr. Shijung Shim




[email protected]

Church Office: 510-581-3486

[email protected]