Our Mission

Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO) is on a mission to support homeless families, with the support of the community, as they move from crisis to stability, end their homelessness, and find a place called home.

Our Values

We use the following values to guide our work, both strategically and in providing coaching and support to families:

Belonging. We help those around us feel important, connected, and confident in a community of hope. This sense of belonging is rooted in compassion and respect for shared cultures, values, and lived experiences. 

Partnership. We engaged in meaningful partnerships with organizations, communities, and the people we serve. 

Self-Determination. We help people recognize and build on their talents, strengths, and goals to enhance their self-determination, leadership, and power. 

Social Justice. We amplify the voices of our community to fight for systems, policies, opportunities, and services that promote social and economic justice and improve the quality of life for all. 

Integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of respect, truthfulness, follow through, and accountability. As a result, we achieve measurable results for the people and communities we serve. 

Our Core Beliefs

In the execution of its mission, FESCO is motivated by the following core beliefs:

  • Communities have a responsibility to ensure that every child has a safe and decent place to live and sufficient nutrition to thrive.
  • Self-reliance creates self-respect, which strengthens families, individuals, and communities.
  • All people, regardless of their circumstances, deserve to be treated with respect, fairness, dignity.
  • Accountability is fundamental to the success of the people we serve and our organization.