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Our Impact

We know it's hard to feel like you are making a difference in the fight against homelessness for local families. The problem feels unsolvable and sometimes, our individual contributions feel small in comparison.

Over the past 35 years, FESCO has built a community of organizations and people, just like you, that pool our resources to give these families a fighting chance though:


An Emergency Shelter

A Transitional Living Home

Supportive Coaching and Access to Resources Like Job Training


We know you’re the kind of person who wants to do what is right and love your neighbor. Make a donation that matters today.


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What's New

The Friends of FESCO

The Friends of FESCO is a steering committee made up of local community members, just like you, who pledge to give 2-6 hours each month to help homeless children and their parents find warm, loving homes. 

Friends of FESCO Members include: 

Member and City   Representative (Committee Role) Representative Contact Information

All Saints Church - Hayward                           

  Gloria Santiago C: 510-695-5699

Faith Lutheran Church - Castro Valley

  Robyn Woidtke H: 510-728-0828 

First Presbyterian Church of Hayward - Castro Valley        

  Aaron Dahlstedt C: 949-436-4089

Formosan United Methodist Church - San Leandro


  Pastor William Chou [email protected]

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - Hayward


  Darla Fisher [email protected]

Holy Cross Episcopal Church - Castro Valley


  Pamela Lowe (Vice Chair) C: 510-828-9315, [email protected]

Individual – Rev. Sharon Luther - Hayward


  Rev. Sharon Luther (Communications Committee Chair) C: 510-435-8842, [email protected]



Messiah Lutheran Church - Hayward


  Sherry Mattson H:510-581-4842

Our Lady of Grace Church - Castro Valley


  Christine Ippolito (Community Support Chair) [email protected]
South Hayward United Methodist - Hayward  

Bob Peppler (Chair Person)


C: 510-449-2447

Gail Stringer (Secretary)


Church Office: 510-780-9599

Rev. Rochelle Frazier


Church Office: 510-780-9599

Starr King United Unitarian Church - Hayward


  Kathryn LaMar [email protected]
United Methodist Church of Castro Valley - Castro Valley   Janet Alfaro  C: 510-861-8220, [email protected]

Nancy Robles


Church Office: 510-581-3486

Rev. Dr. Shijung Shim


[email protected]


Our Sponsors

Special Thanks to our 2020 FESCO Shuffle Sponsors! 















Our Impact