FESCO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency, governed by a Coalition of area churches and community members.

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To give by check, please send your gift to:


21455 Birch St. #5

Hayward, CA 94541


Many employers will match employee donations made to nonprofit organizations. Please check with your Human Resources Department or your company's website for more information.

Many companies also either participate in United Way workplace giving or conduct their own workplace giving campaigns. We greatly appreciate supporters who designate FESCO as the recipient of their donations in these campaigns. If you would be giving to FESCO anyway, it is usually more efficient to write a check directly to FESCO, as many workplace giving campaigns keep a percentage of your donation to cover the costs of administering the program.


You can help ensure the long-term success of our work to end family homelessness through a charitable bequest or charitable gift annuity. You can designate a gift to FESCO in your will or living trust, or name us as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, 401(k)/403(b) plan, annuities, or paid-up life insurance.

A charitable gift annuity is a contract under which a charity -- in return for a transfer of cash, marketable securities or other assets -- agrees to pay a fixed amount of money to one or two individuals, for their lifetime. You make a gift of cash or stock to FESCO; FESCO pays you and agreed annual amount for life (the amount is a percentage of the amount of the gift; the older you are at the time the gift is made, the higher the percentage); on your death, the principal is released to FESCO. This can be an excellent approach for someone who wants to make a substantial gift to FESCO but needs guaranteed lifetime income. More information on charitable gift annuities is available at

For more information, please contact Rebecca Walden at 510-886-5473 or, or consult your attorney or financial planning professional.


Tiny Tickets are those BART cards with remaining values that accumulate in drawers and purses. Because of the special arrangement we have with the East Bay Community Foundation, we can turn those tickets into cash for FESCO. All you need to do is round them up, drop them in an envelope, and send them to us. We have specially designed boxes that you can use to collect tickets at your workplace, congregation, or anywhere that BART riders may see it. One congregation put out a box to collect Tiny Tickets and it brought in $185 in one month!


Please call the office ( 886-5473 ex 15) BEFORE dropping off donations. Due to storage issues, we can only accept specific items. Please see our Wish List. All donations must be dropped off at the main office.


Current Wish List (December 2013)


Bath mats

Bath towels

Bedding (new), including pillows, blankets & sheet sets (Twin and Full)

Mattress Covers (Twin and Full)

Diapers/ Pull Ups (all sizes)

Feminine Hygiene Items

Kitchen linens (new)

Learning toys for infants/ toddlers

Arts and craft supplies



Booster chairs and High Chairs (gently used)


Shower Curtains

Pots and pans



Rice Cooker

Gift Cards (grocery store, Target, Wal-Mart, Shoe Store)

Bus Passes/Clipper Cards

Throw rugs


Children activity rug

Storage Bins



Copy paper

Filing cabinets (lateral)




New beds* for Banyan & Les Marquis

(*FESCO has identified specific beds that meet the needs of congregate living)

New industrial stove with oven for Banyan House

Closet shelving for Les Marquis and possibly Banyan

Energy efficient stacking washer/dryer for Banyan

Paint/paint supplies** for Les Marquis and Banyan

(**Paint rollers, paint brushes, plastic tarp for painting, paint tins, Home Depot Gift Cards to purchase paint)

New flooring for Les Marquis kitchen and bathrooms

Picnic tables for Banyan

Rubber matting for children’s playground at Banyan and Les Marquis

New industrial dishwasher for Banyan

Bean bag chairs (6) for children’s activity room at Banyan

Children’s furniture (table and chairs)

New copier for Banyan

New fence for both Les Marquis and Banyan

Microwave for Banyan

Panini maker for Les Marquis


If you want to purchase food to give to FESCO, our highest priorities are whole wheat bread, 2% milk and canned goods such as chili, fruits, and soups. Otherwise, your dollars will go much further if you make cash donations, because FESCO is a member agency of the Alameda County Community Food Bank and we can obtain nutritious food at a fraction of its wholesale cost.


510-886-5473 Ext. 105



We gratefully accept vehicle donations. You can arrange for this service by contacting or 1-800-320-0476. 


Sponsoring a FESCO event is a highly affordable way to show your commitment to the community in which you do business. Our signature event, the Shelter Shuffle Walkathon, happens in May each year. Sponsors gain visibility with the hundreds of community members who participate in this event and thousands more who receive our newsletter.


FESCO considers all donors and supporters to be Friends of FESCO.  The trust and confidence of our donors is important to us.  We are therefore careful in the way we handle nonpublic personal information about our donors. 

  • We do not disclose personal information about our present or former donors to third parties. 
  • We do not share, trade, sell, or otherwise make available our donor or mailing lists to any other entity. 
  • We restrict access to donor information to employees who are involved in financial records maintenance.
  • We honor requests for anonymity.
  • We list donors in our Annual Report by broad giving categories (unless anonymity was requested), but do not disclose the amount of any individual donor’s single or combined gifts unless required to do so by law. 

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